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What is Dural pain?

The mechanism of dural pain is dual. The original concept was quite simple: a subluxated (but of itself painless) component of the disc impinges on the dura or the dural sleeves of the nerve roots. These pain-sensitive structures translate the anatomical changes into back pain or root pain, respectively (Fig.

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Also question is, what is dural tension?

Dural tension is intimately involved with disc pain. When a disc bulges posteriorly, it can compress the dura directly. The dura is the external lining of the spinal canal; it is continuous with the meninges of the brain (think "cranial restrictions" and "cranio-sacral manipulation").

Similarly, is the dura mater pain sensitive? It is currently accepted that intracranial pain-sensitive structures are limited to the dura mater and its feeding vessels and that small cerebral vessels and pia mater are insensitive to pain, which is inconsistent with some neurosurgical observations during awake craniotomy procedures.

In this manner, what does dural ectasia feel like?

The symptoms of dural ectasia vary. They include aching in the very low back, almost in the tailbone, as well as abdominal pain, headaches, and leg pain. Pain and numbness in the perineum (the area between the legs in front of the anus) can also occur.

What theory about the cause of migraines includes inflammation of the meninges?

The theory of migraine pain being due to a sterile inflammation of the dural meninges caused by antidromic activation of the trigeminal nerve evolved (566).

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