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What is dry mode on AC?

It is the function which is used during the rainy days as during rainy days moisture level is very high and this mode keeps the room atmosphere cool and dry by making the air dry. ? The air-conditioner in dry mode acts as a dehumidifier by removing moisture from the indoor air.

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Considering this, what is difference between cool and dry mode in AC?

The most evident difference between the "Cool Mode" and "Dry Mode" is that in the latter mode, your air conditioner wouldn't be releasing cool air and is technically not actively cooling the room. After all, dry air in excess levels is just about as uncomfortable as an extremely humid room.

Likewise, does dry mode in AC save electricity? Running the air conditioner in dry mode helps as it removes the extra humidity in the air. This surely is an electricity saving option during high humidity days as even the fan motor is running at a slow speed and even the compressor is on for smaller duration.

People also ask, how does dry mode work in AC?

When the air conditioner is function in dry mode, the fan and other inner components of the device will be running. However, the unit does not blow out any cold air. The air in the room passes through the aircon and the water vapor condenses on the evaporator.

Is dry mode more efficient?

A dry mode can be an efficient and effective option in those conditions as reducing the humidity makes the air feel cooler and more comfortable. But when it's very hot and only moderately humid, the cooling mode will be much more effective.

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