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What is Dok level?

The DOK has 4 levels. Depth of Knowledge, or DOK, is a way to think about content complexity, not content difficulty. That is the first thing with which people must come to understanding. Level 1 DOK is recall and recognition. Level 2 – is about using a skill or a concept, i.e. Paraphrase.

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Moreover, what does Dok stand for in education?

Depth of knowledge

Likewise, what is a Dok 4 question? Gather information to develop alternative explanations for the results of an experiment. DOK 4 would most likely be the writing of a research paper or applying information from one text to another text to develop a persuasive argument. • DOK 4 requires time for extended thinking.

Moreover, what is a Dok 3 question?

Level 3 tasks typically require reasoning, complexity, developing a plan or sequence of steps, and have more than one possible response or solution. Extended thinking. DOK Level 4 requires complex reasoning and time to research, plan, and problem solve, and think.

What is depth of knowledge definition?

Depth of Knowledge (DOK) was developed through research by Norman L. Webb in the late 1990's. It is defined as the complexity or depth of understanding that is required to answer an assessment question.

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