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What is defined as the perinatal period in ICD 10 CM?

For coding and reporting purposes, the perinatal period is defined as before birth through the 28th day following birth. The day of birth is considered day of life 0. - Indicates that the ICD-10-CM code requires more characters.

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Considering this, what is considered newborn ICD 10?


Also Know, what is the meaning of provider in the ICD 10 CM guidelines? The physician Response Feedback: Rationale: Per ICD-10-CM guidelines, the term provider means a physician or any qualified health care practitioner who is legally accountable for establishing the patient's diagnosis.

In this regard, how long is the postpartum period according to ICD 10?

Z37. 0, Single live birth, is the only outcome of delivery code appropriate for use with O80. The postpartum period begins immediately after delivery and continues for six weeks following delivery. The peripartum period is defined as the last month of pregnancy to five months postpartum.

Can you code a newborn from the mother's medical record?

The fact that the mother has an associated medical condition or experiences some complication of pregnancy, labor or delivery does not justify the routine assignment of codes from these categories to the newborn record. Insignificant conditions or signs or symptoms that resolve without treatment are not coded.

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