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What is data independence Why is it essential?

What is data independence and why is it important? Data independence is the ability of to make changes to data characteristics without have to make changes to the programs that access the data. It's important because of the savings in time and potential errors caused by reducing modifications to data access software.

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Keeping this in view, what is the data independence in DBMS?

Data independence is the type of data transparency that matters for a centralized DBMS. It refers to the immunity of user applications to changes made in the definition and organization of data. There are two types of data independence: physical and logical data independence.

Also Know, what is view how it is related to data independence? A view may be thought of as a virtual table, that is, a table that does not really exist in its own right but is instead derived from one or more underlying base table. Thus the view can insulate users from the effects of restructuring and growth in the database. Hence accounts for logical data independence.

Consequently, what is meant by program data independence?

Program-data independence refers to the capability of leaving data intact and accessible regardless of modifications to the database that contains the data.

What is the difference between data dependence and data independence?

Applications implemented in pre-relational database systems are data-dependent, meaning that both the physical representation of the data and the methods of accessing it are built directly into the application code. The main objective of relational DBMSs is data independence.

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