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What is ctor C#?

A constructor is a member function of a class which initializes objects of a class. In C++, Constructor is automatically called when object(instance of class) create. It is special member function of the class. Constructors don't have return type. A constructor is automatically called when an object is created.

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People also ask, what is ctor C#?

A constructor is a method whose name is the same as the name of its type. Its method signature includes only the method name and its parameter list; it does not include a return type. The following example shows the constructor for a class named Person . C# Copy.

Also, how many types of constructors are there in C#? five

Similarly, you may ask, which constructor is called first in C#?

base constructor

What is the use of constructor in C# with example?

C# Constructors with Examples. In c#, Constructor is a method which will invoke automatically whenever an instance of class or struct is created. The constructor will have the same name as the class or struct and it useful to initialize and set default values for the data members of the new object.

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