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What is craniofacial disorder?

A craniofacial disorder refers to an abnormality of the face and/or the head. Craniofacial differences can result from abnormal growth patterns of the face or skull, which involves soft tissue and bones. A craniofacial condition may include disfigurement brought about by birth defect, disease or trauma.

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Simply so, what causes craniofacial disorder?

There may be several reasons that an infant is born with or develops a craniofacial anomaly, including genetics, possible environmental factors, or a folic acid deficiency during pregnancy.

Also, what are facial deformities? Facial Deformities – Congenital and Acquired Craniofacial deformities can range from small defects through disfiguring clefts and other malformations. Deformities can either be congenital (born with) or be acquired through trauma, illness or surgeries.

Also, how common is craniofacial deformities?

Occurring in about 1 in every 700 live births, cleft lip and cleft palate are easy to identify. But what about the other common craniofacial anomalies?

Is hemifacial microsomia genetic?

Inheritance. Hemifacial microsomia most often occurs in a single individual in a family and is not inherited . In rare cases, the condition is inherited in an autosomal recessive pattern, which means both copies of a gene in each cell have mutations .

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