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What is couchbase server used for?

Couchbase Server is specialized to provide low-latency data management for large-scale interactive web, mobile, and IoT applications. Common requirements that Couchbase Server was designed to satisfy include: Unified Programming Interface.

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Considering this, what is couchbase written in?

C++ Erlang C Go

Beside above, who owns couchbase? Couchbase, Inc. was created through the merger of Membase and CouchOne in February 2011. The merged company aimed to build an easily scalable, high-performance document-oriented database system, marketed with the term NoSQL.

Beside this, what kind of database is couchbase?


Is couchbase in memory?

Two types of data buckets, memcached and Couchbase , enable you to store data either in-memory only or both in-memory and on disk (for added reliability). Couchbase buckets operate through RAM. Data is kept in RAM and persisted down to disk.

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