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What is considered varmint?

Definition of varmint. 1 : an animal considered a pest specifically : one classed as vermin and unprotected by game law. 2 : a contemptible person : rascal broadly : person, fellow.

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Correspondingly, what animal is a varmint?

Common varmints include various rodents, coyotes, crows, foxes, feral cats, feral hogs, and groundhogs. Some animals once considered varmints are now protected. Vermin: Vermin is a term applied to various species regarded as pests or nuisances, and especially to those associated with the carrying of disease.

Additionally, is a rabbit a varmint? rodents and lagomorphs that can damage cropland or pastures or carry disease: beaver, groundhogs, muskrat, coypu (also known as nutria), prairie dogs, porcupine, rabbits, rats, and squirrels.

Consequently, what is considered a vermin?

vermin. Vermin is a catch-all term that can be used for any small animals or insects that we think of as pests. The cockroaches you found in your bathroom were the grossest vermin you'd ever seen. Rats, mice, cockroaches, along with pests to farmers and the animals they raise, like coyotes and weasels, are vermin.

What are varmint rounds?

Varmint rifle is an American English term for a small-caliber precision firearm or high-powered airgun primarily used for both varmint hunting (the elimination of outdoor animals which harass properties) and vermin control (the eradication of indoor infestation by destructive species).

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