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What is considered direct light for plants?

If the sun's rays directly hit the plant – such as through a south-facing window – this is considered direct sunlight. If the sun is bright but the rays don't directly hit the plant, this is considered indirect light.

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Keeping this in view, what is considered indirect sunlight for plants?

Indirect light means that the sun is not directly hitting the plant. An example of direct light would be if your plant were outside directly under the sun, or if you placed your plant next to an open window with the sun shining directly on it. Extended exposure to full sun can damage a bromeliad's leaves.

Additionally, what is the difference between direct and indirect sunlight? Direct sunlight reaches the Earth's surface when there is no cloud cover between the sun and the Earth, while cloud cover causes indirect sunlight to reach the surface.

Likewise, people ask, what is considered medium light for plants?

Medium light areas are well-lit areas in the home. Windows that face east are considered medium light. A medium-light plant can also be located near a west-facing window, but out of indirect light. Two fluorescent bulbs would provide sufficient light for these plants.

Is a window sill direct sunlight?

Plants receive indirect sunlight on a north-facing windowsill, through a sheer curtain, a tinted window pane, or when they are set back from a window that gets direct sunlight. Basically, whenever direct sunlight is impeded/filtered/reflected in some way, that light is said to be indirect.

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