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What is considered a controlled substance in Ohio?

It may seem intuitive that controlled substances are illegal drugs, such as heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana, or cocaine, but under Ohio law the term “controlled substances” also includes many legal drugs that it may be illegal to possess without a prescription, or to manufacture or sell without proper credentials.

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Accordingly, what is a controlled substance in Ohio?

(C) "Controlled substance" means a drug, compound, mixture, preparation, or substance included in schedule I, II, III, IV, or V. (D) "Dangerous drug" has the same meaning as in section 4729.01 of the Revised Code. (E) "Dispense" means to sell, leave with, give away, dispose of, or deliver.

what is considered a dangerous drug in Ohio? Classification of Drugs in Ohio Schedule I drugs are considered the most dangerous because of the great potential for addiction; some examples include: heroin, marijuana, LSD, ecstasy. Schedule II examples are: cocaine, methamphetamine, Ritalin, and OxyContin.

One may also ask, is possession of a controlled substance a felony in Ohio?

Ohio Revised Code § 2925.11 states that a person who knowingly obtains or uses a controlled substance is committing an illegal offense. Depending on the quantity, the penalties for possession can result in a felony.

What drugs are legal in Ohio?

Ohio classifies not only well-known drugs like marijuana, heroin, and cocaine as CDS, but also the compounds used to manufacture them. This article discusses the illegal possession of CDS only. Illegally making or selling CDS carries different penalties.

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