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What is conjoining sentence?

Conjoined complex sentences contain two or more indepen- dent clauses joined together using a conjunction. It is a conjoined sentence because it contains two independent clauses (I went to the store; I needed ice cream) and a conjunction (because). There are a number of conjunctions in the English language.

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Keeping this in view, what are embedded sentences?

In other words, an embedded clause is a clause (a group of words that includes a subject and a verb) that is within a main clause, usually marked by commas. Information related to the sentence topic is put into the middle of the sentence to give the reader more information and enhance the sentence.

One may also ask, what are examples of conjunctions? Conjunction is a word that joins words, phrases, clauses or sentence. e.g. but, and, yet, or, because, nor, although, since, unless, while, where etc. Examples: She bought a shirt and a book.

Thereof, how do you use conjoined in a sentence?


  1. With only one set of handcuffs, the officer had to conjoin the two suspects.
  2. Wedding ceremonies serve to conjoin two separate families.
  3. The two suspects had to conjoin their alibis in order to beat the case.
  4. For the dive to be complete, both hands must conjoin.

What is conjoining in linguistics?

1. to join together; unite; combine; associate. 2. to link linguistic units of the same grammatical rank, as coordinate clauses.

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