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What is compensatory approach in occupational therapy?

The compensatory approach forms the basis of the rehabilitative frame of reference in which the aim is to modify the demand a task places on the person. This may be achieved by teaching different techniques and strategies or may include the provision of assistive equipment and aids.

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Beside this, what is a compensatory approach?

Compensatory strategies are techniques or modifications to our behavior or environment that are used to compensate for a deficit, weakness, injury, or perceived inadequacy in a specific area or skill. They help us cope with what we think of as a personal weaknesses.

Subsequently, question is, what is rehabilitation approach? The Rehabilitation Approach Rehabilitation medicine differs from other types of medical practice in a number of ways. A major focus is on preserving residual function and preventing secondary complications (physical, physiological, behavioral, or social) that lead to increased disability.

Keeping this in consideration, what is the biomechanical approach in occupational therapy?

The biomechanical approach is a remediation or restora- tion approach, and the intervention is designed to restore or establish client-level factors of structural stability, tissue integrity, range of motion (ROM), strength, and endurance.

What is a model of practice in occupational therapy?

A distinction was made between models in general and models for practice in occupational therapy. A model for practice was defined as a set of theories, applicable in a particular field of practice, which provides an explanation of clinical phenomena and sug- gests the type of intervention the therapist should make.

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