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What is Coach K coaching philosophy?

According to an interview with, Coach K's principle of having coachable players enables him to set different goals for each team based on the personality and abilities of each team. It's part of the reason he often tells business leaders, "Your team needs to instantly believe what you say."

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Also to know is, how does Coach K coach?

Mike Krzyzewski

Current position
1975–1980 Army
1980–present Duke
Head coaching record
Overall 1,153–347

Likewise, is Coach K still coaching? Over the course of the last four decades—2019-20 marks his 40th season as the Blue Devils' head coachKrzyzewski has transformed Duke into the preeminent program in all of college basketball, with five national championships, three Olympic gold medals and the most all-time wins of any college basketball coach to his

Also question is, what is Coach K known for?

Mike Krzyzewski, byname of Michael William Krzyzewski, also called Coach K, (born February 13, 1947, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.), American college basketball coach who amassed the most coaching victories in National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I men's basketball history while leading the Duke

What did Coach K say?

After Cameron Crazies started yelling "Jeff Capel, sit with us," Coach K could be seen yelling "Shut up" and "He's one of us." After yelling for the chanting to stop, Krzyzewski appeared to tell the chanting students that Capel, "is one of us."

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