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What is clock rate in Cisco?

Clock rate on routers. The clock rate serves to synchronize the receiver on the other side of the link. Each clock pulse signals the transmission of a bit. Note that it is mainly used in lab setups.

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Correspondingly, what is clock rate on Cisco router?

When you set the clock rate for a serial interface, you are setting the speed of the interface, in other words, the bandwidth (bandwidth meaning rate of data transfer). When using this command it's in the form of bits: 64000 bits = 64 kb.

Secondly, why do we set clock rate in router? Setting clock rate on a router's serial interface is required when you want to use a back-to-back WAN connection. When two routers are connected one must supply the clocking for communication with each other. Setting clock rate is important for synchronization as each clock pulse signals the transmission of a bit.

Also question is, what is DCE clock rate?

clock rate is used for DCE connection. whenever you connect two serial port u have to give make one port end DCE and second one is DTE.So clock rate is given to the DCE to communication. by default it is 64000.

What is the difference between clock rate and bandwidth?

"Clock Rate" is the physical rate, at which data are transmitted. It's your actual speed. "Bandwidth" command has nothing to do with your physical speed. This is a parameter used by some routing protocol to calculate a routing metric.

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