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What is click flooding?

Click flooding (AKA click spamming) is a case in which networks send large numbers of fraudulent click reports in the hopes of delivering the last-click prior to installs.

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Simply so, what is click injection?

Click injection is a sophisticated form of click-spamming. By publishing (or having access to) an Android app which listens to “install broadcasts,” fraudsters detect when other apps are downloaded and trigger clicks before an install completes.

Subsequently, question is, what is CTIT? Click to install time (CTIT) is a type of distribution modeling that is used in the detection of install hijacking and click flooding.

In this way, what is click spamming?

Click spamming (also known as click flooding) is a type of mobile fraud that sends a large number of fraudulent clicks on an ad without the user knowing, in hopes of capturing the last-click prior to an eventual “organic” install.

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