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What is CI attribute?

A configuration item (CI) is an IT asset or acombination of IT assets that may depend on and/or haverelationships with other IT processes. A CI will haveattributes which may be hierarchical and relationships thatwill be assigned by the configuration manager in the CMdatabase.

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Also to know is, what is CI in ITIL?

In ITIL terminology, configuration items(CI) are components of an infrastructure that currently is,or soon will be under configuration management. CIs may be a singlemodule such as a monitor or tape drive, or more complex items, suchas a complete system.

Also, which is the best definition of a configuration item CI? Configuration item (CI) is an asset,service component or item that is, or will be under thecontrol of Configuration Management. Information on eachconfiguration item is recorded within configurationmanagement system and this is maintained throughoutits.

Moreover, what is CI in asset management?

Asset and CI management. Asset andconfiguration item (CI) management refers to creatingassets, setting appropriate states and substates,synchronizing assets and CIs, managing consumables, andretiring assets.

What is the CMDB and why is it important?

A Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is thecore of ITIL processes. CMDBs are important in ITdecision making, allowing users to identify dependencies amongprocesses, people, applications and IT infrastructure to findopportunities for change, faster resolution of incidents fewererrors and more.

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