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What is characteristic of a mudflat?

Define mudflats. "A flat inter-tidal region consisting of mud and other fine grained sediment, with considerable quantities of organic matter that have been deposited by tides or rivers"

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Furthermore, how does a mudflat form?

Also known as tidal flats, mudflats are formed upon the deposition of mud by tides or rivers. This coastal landform usually occurs in sheltered areas of the coast like bays, coves, lagoons, estuaries, etc.

Secondly, why are tidal flats important? Tidal flats are mud flats, sand flats or wide rocky reef platforms that are important coastal ecosystems. They act as buffers to storms and sea level rise and provide habitat for many species, including migratory birds and fish nurseries.

Thereof, what lives in a mudflat?

In addition to microscopic organisms, larger, more visible animals inhabit the mudflats as well, such as clams, mussels, snails, and crabs. When the mudflats are exposed at low tide, hun- dreds of shorebirds and waterbirds of varying sizes appear.

Why do mudflats smell?

Mudflats can be seen only when the seawater drains out of the estuary at low tide. Mudflats smell like rotten eggs when a smelly gas called hydrogen sulfide is let off by tiny living things called microbes living in it.

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