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What is Chakaman in Korean?

Best Answer. Chosen by the Asker. The first one is " ??? [jam-kkan-man] " and it means " just a second " so it's used in the meaning of " wait a minute ". The second one is " ??? " it's an imperative verb and it means " wait ". So these two are almost in the same meaning if they're used in equal situations.

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Furthermore, what does Chakamanyo mean?

?? literally means 'wait' and it does not necessarily set time limit to how long the wait would be so it is used for more generalized situations, where you would ask someone to wait for more than a few minutes.

One may also ask, what is your name in Korean? ? (ireum). This is used in most situations. Another word that you may hear is ?? (seongham), which is the formal word for 'name' in Korean. You may hear this word in more official situations.

In this way, what does Jakkuman mean in Korean?

?+?" has a stronger sense of "??" like "? ? ?" and "? ?? ?" It is used when referring to something that happens over and over again and sometimes it makes you feel irritated, so that it is often used in negative situations.

What does SII mean in Korean?

7 Answers. Koen Gsinghz, Passionate Korean Language Learner. Answered Apr 26, 2016. I guess by "sshi" you mean the " ?" which is an honorific title that you add to a person's name while addressing them (to show a sense of respect). ? can be translated to "Mr/Mrs/Ms" or "Sir/Madam".

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