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What is CDP Hertz?

A counter discount program, or "CDP", is a contract or program that has been established in cooperation with a company or organization under which individuals with specified characteristics are entitled to rent on rental terms that differ from those generally offered to the public.

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Simply so, what is AAA CDP for Hertz?

The new code is 212. The AAA Texas Hertz CDP # is 000252.

One may also ask, how do I add a CDP to my Hertz profile? Please visit and add CDP# under the "Enter a Discount or Promo Code" section, call the dedicated Business Rewards reservations number at 1-888-777-3807, or contact your travel agent.

Moreover, how do you use Hertz with AAA?

Enjoy savings up to 20%* off the base rate when you include your designated AAA Discount code (CDP#) in your reservation and present your AAA membership card. Take advantage of value-added offers for AAA members too! Look for Hertz special offers in most major AAA magazines,, or call your AAA Club.

Do Hertz members get discounts?

Employees, their family and friends no longer use CDP (Corporate Discount Program) numbers to access discounts on Hertz rentals. Employees can add themselves, and up to nine additional members to their personal Hertz Employee Rental Discount Plan.

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