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What is Cavit made of?

A predominantly zinc oxide containing temporary filling material for restoration of teeth.

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Accordingly, what is Cavit dental material?

Cavit™ G is a self-cured, filling material for temporary restoration of cavities. It is for for inlay preparation removable completely without burs. Simple to apply with a filling instrument. Cures void free in a moist environment. Slight expansion of the filling material ensures a well-sealed margin.

Beside above, what is the difference between IRM and Cavit? IRM is polymer-reinforced (20% polymethyl-methacrylate) zinc oxide powder mixed with IRM liquid (eugenol and 1% acetic acid) in the operatory. IRM has a coefficient of linear expansion only half that of Cavit, but a compressive strength nearly doubling Cavit (9).

Correspondingly, how long does Cavit last?

From the word itself, it is meant not to last for a long period of time because it wears out more swiftly. This filling often lasts about six to eight weeks, especially if the reason of the filling is about the root canal.

What is IRM made of?

Zinc oxide-eugenol cement (IRM) is a low-strength base used as a temporary cement filling in the event that the patient will return at a later date for a semi-permanent restoration. The powder is mainly zinc oxide and the liquid is eugenol with olive oil as a plasticizer.

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