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What is cadaver bone?

Cadaver or Allograft Bone
Many surgeons use bone that is harvested from a donor or cadaver. This type of graft—an allograft—is typically acquired through a bone bank. Like other organs, bone can be donated upon death. Allografts have been used for a long time in spinal fusion surgery.

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Moreover, where do cadaver bones come from?

The bone comes from either the hip or the mouth, and the process requires two procedures, to first harvest the bone and then to perform the graft.

Subsequently, question is, are cadaver bone grafts safe? Risks From Cadaver Tissue Are Exceedingly Low The risk of HIV infection as a result of allograft tissue transplant has been estimated to be one in a million. That is not to imply that it can't happen, but the risk of other severe complications from surgery is much more likely than the risk of disease transmission.

Beside above, can cadaver bone be rejected?

Allograft bone (a.k.a. 'bank' bone or donor bone from a cadaver) eliminates the need to harvest the patient's own bone. There are no living cells in the bone graft, so there is little chance of a graft rejection, like with an organ transplant.

How long does it take to recover from a bone graft?

After the Procedure Recovery time depends on the injury or defect being treated and the size of the bone graft. Your recovery may take 2 weeks to 3 months. The bone graft itself will take up to 3 months or longer to heal.

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