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What is C# only ternary operator?

In c#, Ternary Operator (?:) is a decision-making operator and it is a substitute of if…else statement in c# programming language. By using Ternary Operator, we can replace multiple lines of if…else statement code into a single line in c# programming language.

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Also to know is, what is ternary operator C#?

Ternary operator is a Conditional operator in C#. It takes three arguments and evaluates a Boolean expression.

Subsequently, question is, what is ternary operator example? Programmers use ternary operators in C for decision making inplace of conditional statements if and else. The ternary operator is an operator that takes three arguments. int a = 10, b = 20, c; if (a < b) { c = a; } else { c = b; } printf("%d", c); This example takes more than 10 lines, but that isn't necessary.

Simply so, is C #' s only ternary operator?

Ternary Operator in C. The ternary operator is used to execute code based on the result of a binary condition. It takes in a binary condition as input, which makes it similar to an 'if-else' control flow block. It also, however, returns a value, behaving similar to a function.

How do ternary operators work?

The ternary operator is an operator that takes three arguments. The first argument is a comparison argument, the second is the result upon a true comparison, and the third is the result upon a false comparison. If it helps you can think of the operator as shortened way of writing an if-else statement.

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