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What is brass plating?

BRASS PLATING. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Primarily, brass plating is used in decorative finishes. In the electrochemical process, a thin layer of brass is deposited on metal. Typically, this is used over a layer of nickel.

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Also asked, is brass plating expensive?

It ended up costing $125 to get it plated locally. So the total for the faucet was about $160. If you've shopped for these guys lately (there's a good shopping guide for brass faucets here), they're REAL expensive. They range from about $250 all the way up to a couple thousand dollars.

Also Know, does brass plated tarnish? Brass-plated objects often have a thin coating of lacquer to help protect the brass. If the brass-plated item is lacquer-coated, you should stick to soap and water when cleaning it. Unlacquered (not comparable) items will tarnish over time, while lacquered items won't.

Thereof, what does brass plated mean?

Solid brass means that the piece is made purely of brass from its core to its exterior. On the other hand, brass plated hardware typically has a core made of steel or zinc with a thin layer of brass electroplated to it. To protect the plate, laquer will be applied, allowing the brass to maintain its color.

Can you brass plate chrome?

Yes, it is possible to electroplate yourself, but it can be quite complicated, and it has safety and environmental implications, especially in the case of brass plating (the solution is usually cyanide based), or chrome plating (which involves carcinogenic and tightly regulated hexavalent chromium).

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