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What is botanical seed?

Botanical seed. Agricultural seed. i) A seed may be defined as mature and fertilized ovule containing an embryo under dormant state. i) Any part of the plants either vegetative or reproductive which is capable of producing a new plant of the same kind.

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Just so, what is in a seed?

Seed. A seed is a small embryonic plant enclosed in a covering called the seed coat, usually with some stored food. The seed is composed of the embryo (the result of fertilization) and tissue from the mother plant, which also form a cone around the seed in coniferous plants like Pine and Spruce.

Also, what is the main purpose of a seed? Seeds serve several functions for the plants that produce them. Key among these functions are nourishment of the embryo, dispersal to a new location, and dormancy during unfavorable conditions.

Thereof, what are the two main types of seeds?

The two major types of seed plants are the gymnosperms (seeds in cones) and angiosperms (seeds in ovaries of flowers). Figure below shows how the seeds of gymnosperms and angiosperms differ. Do you see the main difference between the two seeds? The angiosperm seed is surrounded by an ovary.

Are seeds dead or alive?

A seed is living. Although seeds are dormant (resting) their cells are still alive and performing typical cellular functions. Answer 3: They are just typically in a dormant state, which means they require very little of the resources necessary to stay alive, until they are in the appropriate conditions to grow.

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