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What is blending in word formation process?

Blending is the word formation process in which parts of two or more words combine to create a new word whose meaning is often a combination of the original words. Below are examples of blending words.

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Similarly, it is asked, what is blending in word formation?

Blending is one of the many ways new words are made in English. It refers to joining the beginning of one word and the end of another to make a new word with a new meaning. Smog, from smoke and fog, and brunch, from breakfast and lunch, are examples of blends.

Beside above, what is the process of blending? Blending is a process which mixes the API and excipients to ensure there is a homogeneous mixture of the all ingredients for each manufacturing process. Blending is a process that can be carried out numerous times within a manufacturing process when new excipients need to be added to the blend.

Herein, what is the process of word formation?

Definition. Word formation process (also called morphological process) is a means by which new words are produced either by modification of existing words or by complete innovation, which in turn become a part of the language.

What are the word formation processes and examples?

Types of Word Formation Processes

  • Compounding.
  • Rhyming compounds (subtype of compounds)
  • Derivation Derivation is the creation of words by modification of a root without the addition of other roots.
  • Affixation (Subtype of Derivation)
  • Blending.
  • Clipping.
  • Acronyms.
  • Reanalysis.

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