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What is barefoot spritzer?

Share. Barefoot doesn't just make crazy cheap nonvintage wine. It also makes these “wine-based spritzers,” which are tiny single-serve cans of wine, seltzer, and flavorings, all canned at 5.5% abv.

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Also asked, where can I buy barefoot spritzer?

Barefoot Canned Wine Spritzers officially became available at liquor stores nationwide in early May, according to Bustle. In order to find them, go to the "Where To Buy" section on their website, and type in your zip code. Any liquor stores selling the spritzers in your area will pop up in seconds.

One may also ask, is Barefoot spritzer sweet? Product description. Refreshing and sweet, Barefoot Spritzer Variety Pack brings you the best assortment of delicious Barefoot Spritzer cans: Moscato, Red Sangria, and Rosé! All Barefoot Spritzer cans are gluten free and made with real Barefoot wine in our signature fizzy & light wine style.

how much alcohol is in a barefoot spritzer?

Barefoot Refresh Wine Making Notes Each one has a 9.0% alcohol level, and the white has 3.3% residual sugar, while the Perfectly Pink has 7.5%.

What is a wine spritzer made of?

A wine spritzer is made up of wine and club soda or sparkling water. The best spritzers are extremely cold.

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