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What is AZ bar in construction?

Definition. Z-bar flashing. Bent, galvanized metal flashing that's installed above a horizontal trim board of an exterior window, door, or brick run. It prevents water from getting behind the trim/brick and into the home.

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Consequently, what is at bar in construction?

Definition. T bar. Ribbed, "T" shaped bars with a flat metal plate at the bottom that are driven into the earth. Normally used chain link fence poles, and to mark locations of a water meter pit. © Copyright 2016 Complete Design, Inc.

Similarly, what does cog mean in reinforcement? yield strength

Subsequently, one may also ask, what is AZ Bar?

The Z Hanger is a simple hanging system. two bracket assembly that locks together. One bracket is secured on the wall while the other bracket is secured on the object to be hung. The Z Hanger, also known as a z bar , zbar or Ez bar, is simple, fast and cost effective.

What are Z bars used for?

Roll Formed Z-Bars are commonly used as Framing, Supports, Reinforcements, Stiffeners for PVC-Rails, Slides, Tracks, and many other uses.

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