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What is Aveda thickening tonic used for?

This is a styling spray that works to instantly thicken hair. Its instantly thickens hair and expands strands from roots to ends. It helps to protect hair against environmental damage.

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Furthermore, what's the difference between Aveda thickening tonic and volumizing tonic?

The difference between Aveda's New Thickening Tonic and Volumizing Tonic: Thickening tonic increases the diameter of each individual hair strand, resulting in the appearance of more hair from roots to ends. Volumizing Tonic creates lift and height at the roots, resulting in the appearance of bigger hair.

Likewise, does Aveda Invati really work? The long answer: Yes! Invati really does work. Many people have tried Invati and given up after a month or so saying that they didn't see a difference. This product is revolutionary and amazing but it isn't an over night miracle worker.

Consequently, can you use Aveda thickening tonic on dry hair?

Thankfully this product actually works! Spray it liberally onto wet hair (or dry, if you prefer) from roots to ends, comb through then blow dry and style your hair as desired. The Thickening Tonic contains amla root, which works to expand the individual stands of hair to create a fuller and thicker appearance.

How do you use Aveda Invati thickening conditioner?

Massage into wet hair and scalp after shampooing with invati advanced™ exfoliating shampoo. Rinse. Towel-dry. Follow with invati advanced™ scalp revitalizer.

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