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What is authentication and authorization in asp net with example?

Authentication is knowing the identity of the user. For example, Alice logs in with her username and password, and the server uses the password to authenticate Alice. Authorization is deciding whether a user is allowed to perform an action. For example, Alice has permission to get a resource but not create a resource.

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Beside this, what is the authentication and authorization in asp net?

Authentication is the process of obtaining some sort of credentials from the users and using those credentials to verify the user's identity. Authorization is the process of allowing an authenticated user access to resources. An application has two separate authentication layers.

Additionally, what is form authentication in asp net with example? Forms authentication enables user and password validation for Web applications that do not require Windows authentication. With forms authentication, user information is stored in an external data source, such as a Membership database, or in the configuration file for an application.

Also to know, what is difference between authentication and authorization in asp net?

Authentication confirms your identity to grant access to the system. Authorization determines whether you are authorized to access the resources. It is the process of validating user credentials to gain user access. It is the process of verifying whether access is allowed or not.

What are types of authentication in ASP NET?

NET provides different methods to authenticate a user:

  • Anonymous Authentication.
  • Basic Authentication.
  • Digest Authentication.
  • Integrated Windows Authentication.
  • Certificate Authentication.
  • port Authentication.
  • Forms Authentication.
  • Using Cookies.

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