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What is asiago cheese good for?

What is Asiago Cheese Used for? The best use of Asiago cheese is when it is grated and added to different dishes and recipes like bread, pasta, risotto, salads, etc. It goes well as the only cheese in a recipe or can be combined with fresh Parmesan cheese that is strong and full of flavor.

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Also asked, how does asiago cheese taste?

The longer it is aged, the more firm, dry, and sharp it will be. Asiago cheese has a very sweet and nutty flavor. It is wonderful for eating alone, particularly the younger Asiagos. Aged Asiago has a more intense, nutty flavor that is tasty grated on pasta and salad.

Beside above, what is asiago cheese made of? Asiago is a cow's milk cheese, produced only on the Asiago plateau in the Veneto foothills in Italy. The cheese-making tradition in the provinces of Vicenza and Trento dates back to more than a thousand years. Traditionally, it was made from sheep's milk but today it is produced from unpasteurised cow's milk.

Similarly, it is asked, how do you eat Asiago cheese?

Fresh Asiago has a medium firmness that can be sliced, cubed, or grated and melted. It's frequently sliced and used for making hot or cold sandwiches. Try serving it with crackers or bread, melting on top of casseroles or pizza, or adding to a cheesy pasta dish. Aged Asiago is typically grated or shaved.

Can I use Asiago cheese instead of Parmesan?

Asiago cheese can be used for practically anything you'd use Parmesan cheese for. You should know, though, that Asiago has a sweeter taste than Parmesan cheese. Still, you will realize that this cheese can replace Parmesan for almost all recipes.

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