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What is antepartum period?

A term with the same meaning is the "antepartum" (from Latin ante "before" and parere "to give birth") Sometimes "antepartum" is however used to denote the period between the 24th/26th week of gestational age until birth, for example in antepartum hemorrhage.

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Keeping this in consideration, what is antepartum in pregnancy?

Obstetrics. Antepartum bleeding, also known as antepartum haemorrhage or prepartum hemorrhage, is genital bleeding during pregnancy after the 20th to 24th week of pregnancy up to delivery. It can be associated with reduced fetal birth weight.

Also, what is antepartum and intrapartum? Antepartum Speaker. The time period before childbirth. Antepartum refers to the mother. Related Term(s): Intrapartum, Postpartum.

Then, what is the intrapartum period?

Intrapartum Speaker. The time period spanning childbirth, from the onset of labor through delivery of the placenta. Intrapartum can refer to both the woman and the fetus. Related Term(s): Antepartum, Postpartum.

What is the purpose of antepartum care?

The Antepartum Home Care Program provides care to women with complications of pregnancy that may safely be cared for in their home. You will be referred to this program by your care provider.

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