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What is another word for Anti Slavery?

Synonyms for antislavery. ˌæn tiˈsle? v? ri, -ˈsle?v ri, ˌæn ta?-

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Keeping this in consideration, what is the synonym of slavery?

v? ri, ˈsle?v ri.

Similarly, what is a synonym for abolitionist? abolitionist, emancipationist(noun) a reformer who favors abolishing slavery. Synonyms: emancipationist.

Subsequently, question is, what does the prefix anti mean in the Word Anti Slavery?

anti- word-forming element of Greek origin meaning "against, opposed to, opposite of, instead," shortened to ant- before vowels and -h-, from Old French anti- and directly from Latin anti-, from Greek anti (prep.) "

What does it mean to be pro slavery?

Definition of proslavery. : favoring slavery specifically : favoring the continuance of or noninterference with slavery in the southern U.S. before the Civil War proslavery states.

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