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What is an overhead trapeze?

An overhead trapeze is a triangle-shaped metal bar. It hangs from a metal frame, which is attached to the headboard and footboard of the bed. You may buy or rent an overhead trapeze device from a medical supply store.

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Likewise, what is a bed trapeze?

Bed Trapeze / Medical Trapeze. A medical trapeze hangs over the bed to function as a grab bar, providing leverage for patients with upper body strength to position themselves without help.

Also Know, what does trapeze mean in medical terms? (tra-pēz bahr) Assistive device (two cords or ropes attached to a horizontal bar) that hangs above the patient's bed; used to facilitate movement and positioning of a patient.

Regarding this, what is a trapeze bar used for in nursing?

Trapeze bars are patient transfer devices. A trapeze bar is an important patient room accessory designed to help patients change positions while in bed, and aid in the transfer from bed to chairs with minimum attendant assistance.

What is a bed cradle?

Bed cradles and footboards are devices that attach to your bed. They keep sheets and blankets from touching and rubbing your legs or feet. Footboards will also keep your feet in proper position while you are in bed.

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