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What is an organic activity?

Organic Activity
Organic activity, or activity by plants and animals, can also cause physical weathering. Tree roots that grow into crevices and small animals that burrow can cause physical weathering. Tree roots pushing rocks apart (Photograph by Robert Whisonant)

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Furthermore, what is organic action?

Organic Action Plans. Organic action plans are widely used in Europe as a means of integrating different policies that can be used to support organic food and farming.

Beside above, what is Bioweathering? Bioweathering can be defined as the erosion, decay, and decomposition of rocks and minerals mediated by living organisms. One of the most important processes of bio-weathering is weathering mediated by microorganisms, including fungi.

Beside above, what are some examples of organic weathering?

Chemical weathering (for example, oxygen interacts with iron in rocks, causing the iron to turn to rust and thus weakening the rock) Organic or biological weathering (for example, the roots of a tree grow into boulders in the soil and splitting the boulders apart over time)

What are some examples of chemical weathering?

Chemical weathering involves changes in the chemical composition of the existing rock to form new rock. Some examples of chemical weathering are hydrolysis, oxidation, carbonation, dissolution, etc. Limestone dissolves by action of acidic water and causes weathering of statues, grave stones, etc.

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