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What is an IWE actuator?

For the uninitiated, Ford's Integrated Wheel End (IWE) system is what locks and unlocks the front hubs when you change back and forth from 2WD and 4WD.

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Just so, what does a hub actuator do?

The hub actuators connect the axle shaft to the wheel hub automatically when 4WD is selected. More accurately, they disconnect the axle and hub when the 4WD system is not engaged, reducing driveline loss caused by spinning an otherwise non-rotating axle.

Likewise, how does a 4x4 vacuum actuator work? the actuator takes the vacuum, when supplied, and has a diaphragm that pulls on a cable. this cable runs down to the passenger side of the front differential, and moves a collar back and forth. this collar either connects the passenger side cv shaft to the carrier, or it disconnects it.

Regarding this, where is the IWE solenoid located?

IWE Located behind the battery on the firewall.

How do auto locking hubs work?

On many 4×4 trucks, automatic locking hubs are used to disengage the front wheels when four-wheel drive is not needed. When the driver shifts to two-wheel drive, the clutch mechanism inside the hub slides back out and releases the hub, allowing the wheel to turn independent of its axle shaft.

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