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What is an integrated washing machine?

An integrated washing machine is defined as being behind the cupboard door as we said earlier. A built in washing machine is defined as being built in but without a cupboard door. Still more hassle and time than a freestanding machine but a lot less hassle than an integrated washing machine.

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Beside this, what is the difference between freestanding and integrated washing machines?

Integrated washing machines offer the only thing freestanding doesn't. The only difference with installation is your going to have to provide the “housing” for the appliance, ideally a spare cupboard that is big enough for the installation of the washing machine.

Similarly, are integrated washing machines a good idea? They're not the best performers. Although they may help your kitchen look good, you could find you have to compromise on performance. Among the washer-dryers we've tested, integrated machines generally don't wash or dry as well as freestanding models.

Similarly, it is asked, can a freestanding washing machine be integrated?

The main caveats to integrating a freestanding washing machine. The entire run relating to the washing machine will need to be made deeper to accommodate the extra depth of the appliance to allow a door to fit over the front.

How does a integrated washing machine work?

Integrated washing machines are hidden away by a fitted cabinet door, so it blends in with your kitchen - giving it a seamless look. You'll also need to leave an extra 3cm behind the washing machine for pipes. The height and width are usually standard, so they fit perfectly in a kitchen unit.

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