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What is an extreme value in a data set?

Definition Extreme value
These characteristic values are the smallest (minimum value) or largest (maximum value), and are known as extreme values. For example, the body size of the smallest and tallest people would represent the extreme values for the height characteristic of people.

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Also, what is the extreme value?

An extreme value, or extremum (plural extrema), is the smallest (minimum) or largest (maximum) value of a function, either in an arbitrarily small neighborhood of a point in the function's domain — in which case it is called a relative or local extremum — or on a given set contained in the domain (perhaps all of it) —

Also, how mean is affected by extreme values? An extreme value can affect the value of the median only if it is really large. An extreme value will not affect the value of the median any more than other values. Extreme values can influence the median in the same way as the mean. No values, extreme or otherwise, can affect the value of the median.

Similarly one may ask, what are the extremes of the data?

The lower and upper extremes are easier to identify. The lower extreme is the least value in the data set and the upper extreme is the greatest value. These two values can therefore be found directly from an ordered set of data.

What are extreme points of a function?

The maximum value of the function f (x) = cos x is y = 1: Extreme points, also called extrema, are places where a function takes on an extreme value—that is, a value that is especially small or especially large in comparison to other nearby values of the function.

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