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What is an example of factor analysis?

For example, people may respond similarly to questions about income, education, and occupation, which are all associated with the latent variable socioeconomic status. In every factor analysis, there are the same number of factors as there are variables.

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Considering this, what do you mean by factor analysis?

Factor analysis is a statistical method used to describe variability among observed, correlated variables in terms of a potentially lower number of unobserved variables called factors. Factor analysis is related to principal component analysis (PCA), but the two are not identical.

Beside above, what is the basic purpose of factor analysis? Factor analysis is a statistical data reduction and analysis technique that strives to explain correlations among multiple outcomes as the result of one or more underlying explanations, or factors. The technique involves data reduction, as it attempts to represent a set of variables by a smaller number.

Moreover, what are the types of factor analysis?

There are two types of factor analyses, exploratory and confirmatory. Exploratory factor analysis (EFA) is method to explore the underlying structure of a set of observed variables, and is a crucial step in the scale development process.

How do you perform a factor analysis?

  1. Factor Analysis in SPSS To conduct a Factor Analysis, start from the “Analyze” menu.
  2. This dialog allows you to choose a “rotation method” for your factor analysis.
  3. This table shows you the actual factors that were extracted.
  4. E.
  5. Finally, the Rotated Component Matrix shows you the factor loadings for each variable.

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