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What is an example of artificial active immunity?

An example of artificial active immunity is building up a resistance to a disease due to immunization. An allergic reaction is an extreme response to an antigen, resulting from active immunity.

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Herein, what is artificial active immunity?

Artificially acquired active immunity is protection produced by intentional exposure of a person to antigens in a vaccine, so as to produce an active and lasting immune response.

Beside above, what is the difference between artificial active immunity and artificial passive immunity? Natural passive immunity occurs when they pass to an infant through the mother's milk. Artificial active immunity occurs when the antibodies are injected into an individual. In both cases, the antibodies destroy the pathogen and grant the individual immunity.

Considering this, what is an example of active natural immunity?

Active immunity is usually classified as natural or acquired. Wild infection for example with hepatitis A virus (HAV) and subsequent recovery gives rise to a natural active immune response usually leading to lifelong protection.

How long does artificial active immunity last?

Immunity derived from passive immunization lasts for a few weeks to three to four months.

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