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What is an ec2 volume?

Amazon EBS features. Amazon EBS allows you to create storage volumes and attach them to Amazon EC2 instances. Elastic Volumes is a feature of Amazon EBS that allows you to dynamically increase capacity, tune performance, and change the type of live volumes with no downtime or performance impact.

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Correspondingly, what is ec2 in simple terms?

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) We can call them as Amazon virtual servers. Consider them as a computer where we can host our data. It will be available in different types on the basis of computing, memory, storage, and graphics. AWS EC2 instance is like we are renting a server from AWS on an hourly basis.

Also, what is volume type in AWS? Amazon EBS provides four current generation volume types: Provisioned IOPS SSD (io1), General Purpose SSD (gp2), Throughput Optimized HDD (st1) and Cold HDD (sc1). The average latency between EC2 instances and EBS is single digit milliseconds.

Just so, what is ec2 root volume?

Amazon EC2 Root Device Volume. When you launch an instance, the root device volume contains the image used to boot the instance. This means that the root device for an instance launched from the AMI is an Amazon EBS volume created from an Amazon EBS snapshot.

What are the types of volumes for ec2 instances?

Amazon EBS provides the following volume types: General Purpose SSD ( gp2 ), Provisioned IOPS SSD ( io1 ), Throughput Optimized HDD ( st1 ), Cold HDD ( sc1 ), and Magnetic ( standard , a previous-generation type).

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