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What is an anterior Colporrhaphy repair?

During the surgery, the bladder is pushed back into its normal position and the support tissue between the front of the vagina and the bladder is tightened and reinforced. The procedure is also called an anterior vaginal wall repair or anterior colporrhaphy.

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Similarly one may ask, what is a anterior repair?

An anterior repair also known as an anterior colporrhaphy is a surgical procedure to repair or reinforce the fascial sup- port layer between the bladder and the vagina. Why is it performed? The aim of surgery is to relieve the symptoms of vaginal.

Likewise, is anterior repair major surgery? An anterior repair is a major operation usually recommended after simpler treatments have failed. Your bladder should be better supported and you should no longer have a bulge in your vagina.

Thereof, what is the meaning of Colporrhaphy?

Colporrhaphy (also vaginal wall repair, anterior and/or posterior colporrhaphy, anterior and/or posterior vaginal wall repair, or simply A/P repair or A&P repair) is a surgical procedure in humans that repairs a defect in the wall of the vagina.

How long does Colporrhaphy surgery take?

The operation takes around one and a half hours. A cut is made in the vaginal skin over the prolapse. This will be on the front or back vaginal wall, depending on the location of your prolapse. If you are having surgery on the back wall of the vagina, the cut might extend on to the perineum.

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