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What is an annual exam at Planned Parenthood?

An annual exam is a yearly reproductive health visit with your health care provider. Also known as well-woman visits or gynecological exams, the annual exam may involve checking your height, weight and blood pressure.

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Hereof, what does an annual exam consist of Planned Parenthood?

An annual exam may include a Pap test depending on you and your age, but it may also include a pelvic exam, breast exam, STD testing, blood pressure check, taking your height and weight, a conversation about birth control, and anything else related to your sexual health.

Beside above, does Planned Parenthood do well woman exams? Whether you have a specific health concern, or just need a routine well woman exam, Planned Parenthood is here for you. We offer services in: Breast Exams. Cervical Cancer Screenings.

Regarding this, how much is an annual exam at Planned Parenthood?

But some clinics charge an additional lab fee to process the test, ranging from $55 to $600 (the office manager for one clinic that charges hundreds of dollars for a Pap smear on top of $150 office visit fee said they often send low-income clients to Planned Parenthood, where an all-inclusive exam costs $175.)

What should an annual exam include?

Annual exams typically check the following things, regardless of your gender:

  • Medical history. Your doctor will ask you questions about your lifestyle and habits, including smoking and drinking.
  • Vital signs.
  • Heart and lung exams.
  • Head, neck, and abdominal exams.
  • Neurological exam.
  • Skin exam.
  • Laboratory work.

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