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What is an aerobic plate count?

The Aerobic Plate Count (APC) is used as an indicator of bacterial populations on a sample. It is not a measure of the entire bacterial population; it is a generic test for organisms that grow aerobically at mesophilic temperatures (25 to 40°C; 77 to 104°F).

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Also know, what is an acceptable aerobic plate count?

Report counts less than 25 or more than 250 colonies as estimated aerobic plate counts (EAPC). Use the following guide: Normal plates (25-250).

what is the difference between aerobic plate count and total plate count? The APC term stands for aerobic plate count, but again is interchangeable with the others. Other terms used more historically are Standard Plate Count, Mesophilic Count or Total Plate Count these too generally refer to aerobic bacteria able to grow at average temperatures (e.g. 30 to 40°C).

Beside this, what does aerobic plate count indicate?

An aerobic plate count for bacteria will indicate the level of bacteria in a product and can sometimes be used to indicate the quality and spoilage level of a product.

What is the total plate count?

Total Plate Count. Total Plate Count. The total plate count is the enumeration of aerobic, mesophillic organisms that grow in aerobic conditions under moderate temperatures of 20-45°C. This includes all aerobic bacteria, yeast, molds and fungi that grows in the specific agar.

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