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What is an active release clause in real estate?

The release clause allows for the freeing of all or part of a property from a claim by the creditor after a proportional amount of the mortgage has been paid. A release clause may also be associated with a real estate brokerage transaction requiring a release of other offers if a specified offer has been accepted.

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Correspondingly, what is an active break clause in real estate?

A break clause is a clause in a contract that allows a person to end the contract early. For example, a break clause can be included in a lease allowing either the landlord or the tenant to end the lease early. Generally, the break clause will state who can exercise the right to break.

Likewise, what happens if a backup offer is made on a property when a kick out clause is in effect? If the new offer is better than the existing offer, the seller can choose to accept the new offer. The contracted buyers have a specified time to remove the home sale contingency and proceed with the purchase.

Keeping this in consideration, what is a real estate release?

A deed of release is a legal document that removes a previous claim on an asset. A deed of release might be included when a lender transfers the title of real estate to the homeowner upon satisfaction of the mortgage. A deed of release literally releases the parties from previous obligations.

What is the difference between active kick out and active contingent?

OPT Active Option Contract: Seller has accepted an offer but the Buyer is exercising the option period from the sales contract. KO Active Kick Out: Property has an offer contingent upon the sale of another property by buyer. (Refer to TAR Form 1908) Still available for showings and backup offers.

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