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What is an active active cluster?

Active/Active Clustering. means having two separate instances running in the cluster—one (or more) per machine. So, Active/Active clustering refers to a two-node cluster, with each node running SQL Server instances but each with a different set of databases.

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In respect to this, what is active and passive cluster?

Like the active-active cluster configuration, an active-passive cluster also consists of at least two nodes. However, as the name "active-passive" implies, not all nodes are going to be active. In the case of two nodes, for example, if the first node is already active, the second node must be passive or on standby.

Secondly, what is an active active network? An active/active system is a network of independent processing nodes, each having access to a common replicated database such that all nodes can participate in a common application. Any user can be connected to any node over this network. The nodes all have access to two or more copies of the database.

Also asked, what is difference between active active and active/passive cluster SQL Server?

Active/Passive refers to having a multi-node cluster where one node serves the database(s), while the other node is available to take the load if the primary node fails. As an example of Active/Active, consider the following: 2 computers configured in a Windows Server Failover Cluster, Node "A" and Node "B".

How do you set up active/active clusters?

Login to the Primary unit of the Master Cluster Node and navigate to the High Availability > Settings page. The General tab is displayed. In the Mode drop-down menu, select Active/Active Clustering. Select the Enable Stateful Synchronization option.

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