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What is alhazen known for?

Abu Ali al-Hasan (Alhazen) (965-1039 AD) was a Muslim mathematician and astronomer born in Basra. He made numerous discoveries in optics, astronomy, and mathematics, and wrote commentaries on Aristotle, Ptolemy, and Euclid. He also wrote on methods of discovery.

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Hereof, what was alhazen best known for?

Popularly known as the first scientist, Alhazen developed the scientific method of experimentation and was the first person to formulate hypothesis and conduct verifiable experiments. He was a scientist, philosopher, astronomer and mathematician and made major contributions to the field of optics.

Also, when was alhazen born? July 1, 965 AD

Also, what did alhazen discover about space?

In his great work Book of Optics, Alhazen correctly identified that our eyes do not emit rays. He argued that light affects the eye – for example we can damage our eyes by looking directly at the sun – but our eyes do not affect light.

Who is the father of optics?

Ibn al-Haitham

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