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What is a1 in LG AC?

Originally Answered: What is the use of the A1 mode in an LG air conditioner? It is AI mode which means Artificial intelligence mode. Set the desired temperature with the help of temperature setting button. Note Fan Speed cannot be changed in this feature.

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Simply so, what is AI in LG AC?

Basically, there is an AI mode in LG air conditioners which means Artificial Intelligence mode that is inbuilt inside the AC. Using this Auto Operation or the Artificial Intelligence mode, speed of the fan and temperature can automatically be adjusted based on the existing room temperature.

Additionally, what does f1 mean on AC? E1 or F1 - Ambient room temperature error.

Likewise, people ask, what does po mean on LG air conditioner?

Jet Cool Mode The "PO" code means that Jet Cool has been turned on and will appear while the air conditioner is running.

What is auto clean in AC?

Auto clean functionality is used to eliminate moisture from the air conditioner unit. Using the Auto clean feature once in few days will help in prevent rusting of the evaporator coil and growth of harmful micro-organisms within the AC.

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