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What is a Zinsco electrical panel?

Zinsco or Zinsco-Sylvania is the name given to a brand of electrical panel that was commonly installed up to the mid-1970's. It was a very popular product and installed throughout North America. Production was halted when design flaws were discovered. Panels were known to fail, while still conducting power.

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Similarly, it is asked, are Zinsco panels dangerous?

The panel could overheat and catch fire, causing serious harm to a home and its occupants. Zinsco panels may seem to work properly for years. But experts warn that these panels may present numerous problems and even hazards if and when they fail.

Subsequently, question is, how much does it cost to replace a Zinsco electrical panel? Northeastern U.S.: Typically the installation of a new 100-Amp electrical pane in the Northeastern U.S. is around $1,200 to $1,500.

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Similarly, you may ask, are Zinsco electrical panels Safe?

Most Zinsco panels are obsolete today. As time has passed, electricians and home inspectors have discovered that certain Zinsco panels often can fail to operate properly and may leave homes and homeowners at risk to both fire and electrical shock.

Are Zinsco panels recalled?

Zinsco Panel Recall While Zinsco too was part of a major recall and lawsuit, the company no longer exists. Thousands of homes around the country may still have these malfunctioning and known hazardous electrical panels installed. Zinsco panels were quite popular during the 1970's.

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