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What is a Wellpoint?

A wellpoint, also known as a drive point, is a small diameter well used for dewatering. It consists of a shallow shaft, a dewatering pump to draw water, a riser pipe which connects the wellpoint to the surface, and a small 'well' that fills up.

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Then, what is a Wellpoint system?

A wellpoint system consists essentially of a series of closely spaced small diameter water abstraction points connected, via a manifold, to the suction side of a suitable pump. The wellpoint technique is the pumping system most often used for modest depth excavations, especially for trenching excavations.

Likewise, how do you sink a Wellpoint? Use the well point method.

  1. Start a pilot hole. Using a post hole digger or shovel, dig a hole two feet deep.
  2. Install your well point. Well points are generally made of steel or any other hard metal so that they can withstand being driven deep into the ground.
  3. Begin driving the well point.
  4. Add each extension of pipe.

Similarly, you may ask, what is the difference between a borehole and a Wellpoint?

A wellpoint is a polyethylene pipe with a filtered end installed into a porous soil structure. A borehole is a shaft drilled to depths exceeding 20 metres with a large diameter casing allowing for the installation of a submersible pump to distribute the water.

What are the methods of dewatering?

The most common methods for dewatering include sumps, wells and well-points. 1) Sumps provide localized, very shallow dewatering (less than 3 feet) and consist of pumping from perforated drums or casings in a gravel-filled backhoe pit. Sumps work best in tight, fine grained soils, or very coarse, boulder deposits.

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